We are UKtoStay in the EU – a national, grassroots and cross-party movement to let the facts speak for themselves in showing the UK is #BetterIN the EU. Our site is a platform built to empower people who want to get the facts and then explain the benefits of the EU to others in their local communities. Become a volunteer and get access to our network of activists, any campaign or training materials we produce and support for any ideas you might have, or any events you may wish to run.

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Polls show the gap between those who will vote to leave and those who will vote to stay in the EU is incredibly narrow. There is a large number of undecided voters who will decide the result. We are equipping volunteers with the facts and resources to go out and make a real difference!

We aim to become the most useful and comprehensive source of truth for voters and campaigners ahead of the UK’s EU referendum. We endeavour to present the facts wherever possible, without spin or political bias, and to explain other perspectives where they can enhance the discussion. To this end we’re building tools and resources to help people learn about the EU’s positive impact on the UK.

What do UKtoStay volunteers do?
We provide volunteers with materials and resources to go out and engage, educate and empower their local communities. We need people to set up local groups, run local events and write guest articles for this site. We provide support to our volunteers with all of these things and more depending on their suggestions.

What if I’m already involved in another pro-EU membership campaign?
Fantastic! We see ourselves as slightly different as our primary mission is to inform voters rather than shouting slogans or scaremongering, so we will work with anyone who shares our beliefs. Please sign up and let us know who you’re campaigning with and how you’d like to help.

What resources can you provide?
As a volunteer you will have access to our network of other volunteers who you will be able to link up with, as well as free use of any campaign training and volunteer resource packs we build. These will include events-in-a-box kits, complete with poster templates, sign-up forms and presentations. We’re also building a wikipedia of useful EU facts and a library of infographics and videos, among other tools.

Here are some of the publicly available resources we have already created:

SIGN UP to become a volunteer and get accress to more of our resources, or get in touch with any questions via our email: campaign@UKtoStay.EU