UKtoStay in the EU is only possible thanks to our volunteers and supporters.

We’re a non-professional volunteer-led group – membership is open to anyone who shares our core beliefs, regardless of their involvement in politics.

Our volunteers pay from their own pockets to run the site and work in their spare time to help people #GetTheFacts – we’re not funded by anyone, and we don’t have any business interests inside or outside the UK. You can find out more about our mission here.

We’re run by a dedicated team of elected volunteers working in their spare time, get to know them below!

Ella Copeland

Content Editor & Co-Founder

I co-founded UKtoStay in the EU to ensure voters go into the EU referendum with their eyes wide open. I have managed our content strategy from the outset, with a focus on creating content explaining our relationship with the EU in the clearest terms possible, while always linking to reputable sources.

I currently manage email marketing for the Web Summit conference, “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace”. Previously I managed training and events at Google, and before that I was the editor of a global online magazine. I studied journalism and the news industry at the University of Kent. I spend my spare time finding cool vintage clothing, reading everything I can on my kindle and checking out Government trade reports 😉

Paul Andrew Dunne

Web Admin & Co-Founder

I co-founded the UKtoStay in the EU movement on three simple principles: engage, educate and empower. We aim to support our volunteers by linking them with other volunteers in their area, facilitating the sharing of campaign resources and the sharing of knowledge, and supporting their ideas in every way we can.

Outside of UKtoStay I have supported recruitment campaigns across Europe for tech companies Amazon, Google, eBay and Salesforce. I’m Irish, although I grew up in Luxembourg and studied journalism at the University of Kent in the UK where I was an executive officer on the Medway Students Association and an NUS rep.

Fraser Bridges

Head Researcher

I am the resident EU expert, fact-checker and researcher here at UKtoStay in the EU! I’m currently completing an MPhil in European Politics and Society at the University of Oxford, following on from a an internship at the UK Foreign Office. Before that I was a trainee Press Officer at the European Commission in the UK.

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