UKtoStay is a group of ordinary citizens who believe the press and politicians are failing to properly inform the UK public in the run up to the EU referendum.

So, we created this site to help people #GetTheFacts. Our group of volunteers work tirelessly to research and publish accurate information with clear sources to explain what the EU is and what it does for UK citizens.  

Why do you care?
The EU referendum is a huge and irreversible decision about the future of our country. However, most people don’t usually know much about the EU and how it affects our lives. Our volunteers are
 passionate about sharing honest & factual information so we can make an informed decision. Find out more about the people behind UKtoStay on our meet the team page.

Why are you campaigning for the UKtoStay in the EU if you believe in the facts?
We believe the facts speak for themselves to show that the UK should stay in the EU. We’ll present these facts honestly and let people make up their own minds. Part of being honest is sharing where we get our information – therefore, we will always include sources at the end of every article so people can do their own research. 

How you can get involved…

When is the referendum taking place?
The referendum will take place on June 23rd and voter registration will close much sooner.

How can I register to vote? Am I registered already?
Please visit our register to vote page for guidance on registering to vote.

This all looks great! How can I find out more?
If you like what we do please explore our site to learn more about the EU, follow us on social media and consider signing up as a supporter or volunteer to get all the latest updates.
We are guided by
 volunteer feedback, ideas and initiatives. To find out more about what UKtoStay volunteers do please visit our take action page.

I won’t be able to campaign or create materials but I still want to help!
No problem: just sign up as a supporter, share our site with your friends and participate in our social media conversation! We’ll send you occasional updates on our progress and let you know other ways in which you can get involved. Don’t worry: there will be plenty of opportunities to help 🙂

Hit SIGN UP to become a supporter or volunteer, or get in touch with any questions via our email:

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