We are entirely funded by donations which cover the costs of our website, advertising and campaign materials.

Choose the amount you would like to donate by entering it below, then hit the Donate button. You will be asked for your card details and email so we can send you a receipt. We use HTTPS and Stripe to ensure all donations are secure.



£5…….     you’ve covered our costs to accept and process donations for one month.

£20…..    you’ve covered our costs to keep this website online for one month.

£50…..    you’ve covered our costs to appear at the top of Google search results for one month.

£100…    you’ve covered the cost of running two social media campaigns in a month and reached over 50,000 people.

Does it really cost that much?

Yes. As a bare minimum it costs us roughly £20 a month to keep our website online. This does not include the many hours of spare time volunteers give up to code and maintain our site for free.

Advertising to appear on Google’s search engine costs around £50 a month, or more if we want to appear on other search engines as well.

Social media advertising campaigns (on Facebook, Twitter and others) each cost us around £50 a month. The impact of these varies month to month as we experiment with new content, but recently we’ve been able to reach over 25,000 people in a single month-long paid campaign. 

Then there are the costs of producing flyers, posters and other physical campaign materials which will play a role closer to the time of the referendum. We don’t yet have an estimate for the cost of these as it will vary depending on how many volunteers get involved.

If you have any questions at all please get in touch at: Campaign@UKtoStay.eu