The EU gives UK students more opportunities, while EU students contribute to the UK’s economy: 

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Local prices for courses in any EU country
EU freedom of movement and non-discrimination rules make it easy for UK students to study anywhere in the EU while paying only local, rather than international, tuition fees. In general tuition fees are far lower in other EU countries than in the UK, or free.

Access to educational & research grants in that country
These rules also mean UK students can get access to local educational and research grants in whatever EU country they are studying in. In addition the EU facilitates research with international collaborators, which has been shown to have nearly 50% more impact than research done at a national level.

The right live & work in any EU country
UK students have the right to work in their host country without the need for a visa. EU non-discrimination rules also make it easy to do things like rent a flat, open a bank account, and set up a phone contract.

Possibility of taking an exchange year abroad whilst studying
Over 200,000 UK students have studied and worked abroad through the EU’s Erasmus+ exchange programme. It gives UK students the option of spending one of their academic years in another country, along with a grant to help cover costs. Students who participate in an Erasmus placement have been shown to be 50% less likely to experience long‑term unemployment.

These same benefits encourage EU students to attend UK universities, generating £3.7 billion a year and 34,000 jobs for the UK.

Universities for Europe booklet
Universities UK: EU students effect on UK economy

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