The Irish Government has spoken out to support the UK staying in the EU, and promised they will “do all we can to help you remain part of it.”

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Speaking to a business conference in London, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said a Brexit “is an outcome that the Irish Government does not want to see materialise at all”.

According to Kenny, the Irish government will be “sympathetic and supportive” of proposals by prime minister David Cameron for reform:

“Ireland will be open and pragmatic when it comes to sensible proposals to improve the EU.  In general, where the UK seeks reasonable and achievable adjustments, we will be sympathetic and supportive”.

His comments echoed an earlier statement by the Irish Finance Minister Charlie Flanagan.

Speaking at Chatham House in September 2015, Flanagan said: “We in Ireland can’t steer the debate along the way, but, as Britain’s great friend and partner within the EU, we will do all we can to help you remain part of it.”

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