Australia would welcome the UK staying in the European Union, the country’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has said: “We welcome Britain’s strong role in Europe,” he said. “The EU is an enormous economic and political entity and from our point of view – you might say from our selfish point of view – having a country to whom we have close ties and such strong relationships… is definitely an advantage.”

“So if the British people, in their wisdom, decide to stay in the European Union, then we would welcome that.”

Previously Bob Carr, Former Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, responded to the UK Government’s call for evidence in 2012 with the following statement:

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‘The 27 members of the EU acting together form a force more powerful than they would speaking and acting separately. We are often natural partners in the pursuit of peace, security, climate change solutions and global trade liberalisation through the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation.’

‘Australia recognises the UK’s strength and resilience and looks forward to seeing it continue as a leading economy and effective power. Strong, active membership of the EU contributes to this’.

In February 2015 Wayne Swan, former Deputy Prime Minister of Austrlia, wrote an article for the Telegraph explaining in detail why Australia wants the UK to stay in the EU, read it here.