While citizens of Commonwealth countries and overseas territories like Gibraltar living in the UK will be able to vote in the EU referendum, someone born and bred in the UK but who has lived in Spain for over 15 years cannot.

An estimated 2.2 million UK citizens live abroad in the EU and yet many will not have a say in the EU referendum. There are 3 ways you can help change this!

1. Write to your MP to tell them why you believe UK expats living abroad for more than 15 years should still be able to vote in the EU referendum:


Enter your UK postcode, or former UK postcode if you are an expat, to get started: 

Tip: please write using your own words or your message will be considered spam!

The Conservative Party made a manifesto promise to scrap the 15 year rule before they got elected to government: “We will remove this cap and extend it to a full right as a British citizen to vote in British elections for life.” So far, this has not happened.

2. Sign the two official petitions:



 At 10,000 signatures petition receive an official response from the government; at 100,000 they get debated in Parliament!

Are you a UK expat?

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3. Urge your friends and family to take action by sharing this page!

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