The EU referendum will be pivotal in shaping the future of young people in the UK, who are currently free to travel, study & work within the EU. They deserve a say in whether or not these opportunities will be available in years to come. We’re calling on the UK government to lower the EU referendum voting age to 16 and over.

Jake ShortThe EU Referendum has the potential to drastically change the lives of every single person in the UK, yet not everyone will have the ability to make their views known in the referendum. We want to change this: anyone aged 16+ should have the ability to make an informed choice on our country’s future. The EU isn’t just about worker rights and peace in Europe; it also provides immense opportunities for British students as well as those on the continent. Our voice needs to be heard just as loudly as every other age group or demographic, so today we are launching our campaign to help get 16 and 17 year olds the vote in this incredibly important referendum. – Jake Short, UKtoStay Youth Mobilisation Officer

1. Sign the official petition calling on the UK government to lower the EU referendum voting age to 16 and over:

If we reach 10,000 signatures the petition will receive a response, if we hit 100,000 it will be debated in Parliament!

Why support votes for those aged 16+? 

  • Those aged 16 & 17 voted in the Scottish referendum where they engaged passionately with ~75% turnout.
  • The EU offers young people in the UK the opportunity to easily travel, study and work abroad. The outcome of the EU referendum will have a huge impact on their future.
  • This decision may not be reversed after the next election or even in our lifetimes so it’s vital those aged 16+ can have their say.

2. Write to your MP to tell them why you believe those aged 16+ should be able to vote in the EU referendum:


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