We’re excited to announce we will now be featuring the brilliant A Diet of Brussels​ podcast series on our website! The series looks at the UK’s relationship with the EU in depth, as well as discussing the latest news and developments around the upcoming EU referendum. Many of the episodes look at specific EU issues in under five minutes and are very easy to listen to.

Academic Simon Usherwood is the voice behind the series. Simon is a National Teaching Fellow, as well as Associate Dean for Learning & Teaching and Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Surrey. He is not a member of UKtoStay and seeks to provide an impartial voice to help people get the facts ahead of the referendum.

As this is similar to what we hope to do with this website we are delighted he has agreed to allow us to feature his podcast series in the sidebar of new posts and infographics! Please do give it a listen from time to time and feel free to subscribe to the podcast here.