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Change the World. Vote.

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How does the EU affect UK immigration?

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How does the EU impact LGBTI rights?

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Democracy & accountability in the EU

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UK trade with the EU is almost double EU trade with the UK
Get The Facts: UK trade with the EU

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The EU has helped bring peace to Europe

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The UK is only 1 out of 161 WTO members
How does the EU affect UK trade negotiations?

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Leaving the EU will not save Britain from TTIP, Caroline Lucas warns
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The EU protects workers’ rights

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Why stay in?
Global Influence

Being a member amplifies Britain's voice and influence on the world stage. The UK makes up a mere 0.88% of the world's population while the EU makes up 12%. The EU has the largest economy in the world, generating a GDP bigger than any other union or country.

Research & Trade

Trade in goods, services and knowledge is vital to UK innovation and prosperity. Access to the EU’s over 500 million consumers accounts for 52% of UK trade. The EU is the world’s largest combined research effort with a budget of almost €80 billion for the next 5 years.


EU membership grants UK citizens the opportunity to study, work, travel and retire abroad with the same rights and protections we have at home. Without this freedom of movement, travel would be more difficult and more expensive, which would also limit UK tourism.

Peace & Prosperity

The EU was founded in the wake of WW2 to bring about peace through prosperity and cooperation. In 2012 it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights. These values are as relevant today as they were when Britain joined in 1973.

Environmental Protection

Pollution and the effects of climate change don't stop at the border. Neither should our fight to protect the environment. Protections agreed at an EU level benefit all member states, as well as putting more pressure on the rest of the world to improve their environmental standards.

Defence & Security

Close cooperation between EU member states can save lives. Intelligence-sharing, fast-track extradition of offenders and pooling of military resources are some of the key benefits. EU nations have 5.4 million active or reserve forces - more than the USA and second only to China.

The UK in the EU


UK jobs linked to the EU


pounds saved per household


Brits live abroad across the EU


UK businesses given EU funding


% of UK trade is with the EU

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